1 Set Blue Sponge Hepa Filter Kit for Samsung DJ97-01040C SC43 SC44 SC45 SC47 Series Robot Vacuum Cleaner Parts Accessory


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Products description:

Blue Sponge Filter: 160 x 76mm (Approx)
White Cotton Filter: 150 x 75mm (Approx)

-Replacement air filters made with high quality materials.

-Replacement filters for Samsung DJ97-01040C VCA-VM 45P SC43 SC44 SC45 SC47 Series Vacuum Cleaner.

-Filters maintain robot’s cleaning performance while reducing infiltration of dust, pollen and other allergens into the air you breathe.

-For optimal performance of your vacuum, it is recommended that you replace your filter every 1-3 monthes.

Compatible with:

Item For Samsung VCDC13BV, SC44E1, VCMA15RV, VCMA16ES, VCMA16GV, VCMA20CC, SC43E0, VC-MB750T, VCC4474S3O/XEV, VCC4470S4R/XME, SC4310, SC4316, SC4320, SC4326, SC4330, SC4332, SC4336, SC4340, SC4350, SC4351, SC4352, SC4355, SC4357, SC436S, SC4370, SC4380, SC438S, SC4390, SC4470, SC4471, SC4472, SC4473, SC4474, SC4475, SC4476, SC4477, SC44E0, SC4530, SC4535, SC4540, SC4545, SC4550, SC4555, SC4580, SC4581, SC4750, SC4755, SC4756, SC4757, SC4760, SC4761, SC4765, SC4780, SC4781, SC4782, SC4785, SC4787, SC4790, SC4795, SC4799, SC47S5, VC-B600T, VC-B601T, VC-B610W, VC-B620U, VC-B620W, VC-BK600M, VC-BK601M, VC-BK620B, VC-BK621B, VC-BM600, VC-BM601, VC-BM602, VC-BM603B, VCC4310H14/XAX, VCDC20AH, VCDC20AV, VCDC20BH, VCDC20DV, VCDC20EH, VCMA15QS, VCMA16BS, VCMA18AV, VCMA18BV, VCMA206B, VCMA20CV, VC-MB705T, VC-MB706T, VC-MB707T, VC-MB708T, VC-MB715W, VC-MB716W, VC-MB717W, VC-MB718W, VC-MB71AW, VC-MB71BW, VC-MB755T, VC-MB755W, VC-MB756T, VC-MB756W, SC45W0, SC45W1, SC44E2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Package Included:

1PC x Blue Sponge Filter
1PC x White Cotton Filter

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number

DJ97-01040C SC43 SC44 SC45 SC47

Vacuum Part Type



Vacuum Cleaner Parts


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